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1. Creative Kits For Sale
Everybody loves sales! Who doesn't? So why not put together a bundle of different items that you can offer your clients?

For example, if you own a restaurant and you have a liquor license you could create cute "cocktail kits" like "The Old Fashioned" which includes ingredients for up to four people.

This kit would consist of the basic ingredients and maybe even a "secret ingredient" that would captivate those "old fashioned drinkers": sugar, orange zest, bitters ... etc. and maybe even some "Ceylon Cinnamon" (secret ingredient).

This could also apply to smaller liquor stores. 
2. GoFund Me For Servers
When we as a community come together to support a cause, there is a feeling of deep contentment that ensues. Create a fun GoFund me account to help support your staff during this pandemic.

When someone donates you could throw in a free toilet paper roll.

You could offer items such as: a free case of beers, paper towel rolls, a package of toilet paper rolls, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bottle of wine ... you know (the essentials)
3. Offer Discounts
This is a no-brainer really; especially at this time. You could offer 20% off the first order, or offer one free meal when referring a friend to the restaurant.

To keep track of this, you could create business cards stipulating what kind of deal it is and then the customer can redeem at the right time.
4. Partner with Other Businesses
Create various packages that include items that you can advertise for other businesses.

For instance, if you are offering a vegan meal, you could mention where the mushrooms come from or where the main ingredients of the dish were purchased from. Kind of like backlinks
5. Social Media Ads
Facebook and instagram ads are really popular now. Social media marketing is an effective way of advertising especially during this pandemic because most people are at home and on their phones.

Create an ad for your small business and include a deal on there, for e.g., "15% using this code when you order online" ... or "free delivery on first order when you use this code". 

The opportunities are endless.
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<![CDATA[Why Is Alexa Ranking Important For SEO?]]>Wed, 15 Jan 2020 22:55:57 GMThttp://www.nextdizayn.com/seo-blog/why-is-alexa-ranking-important-for-seoWhat is an Alexa rank?
You may think that a successful website has a great number of backlinks, has amazing search engine optimization (SEO), has many visitors visiting the site, etc ... however, there is such a thing called an Alexa rank.

When you attain new backlinks for your website, you want to make sure that they have a great Alexa rank.

The Alexa rank is a system that tells you how popular your website is in a particular country. The more visitors your website receives, the better your Alexa rank.

Google bots index the higher quality websites making them easier for search engine optimization.

The way the Alexa rank is measured is by how many visitors a website gets. The smaller the rank, for example, and Alexa rank of one has the most visitors. 

According to Ahrefs, Youtube is the website with the most traffic at the moment (today), and therefore has a low Alexa rank of two -- globally and in the U.S. 

See screenshot below:

How To Improve Alexa Ranking

Five Ways to Improve Your Alexa Rank
1. Quantity Content: the better your content is (believe us, Google does read your content even if most people are too bored to read) -- the more traffic your site will get.

If your content is interesting and well written, you will attract more readers.

2. High Quality Backlinks: The more relevant and Google approved websites you have linking back to you, the better!

Remember that not all websites are created equal.

The higher ranked websites help Google point searchers in your direction, because you have been referenced by awesome websites and thus attained a good online reputation.

3. Install the Alexa Toolbar: The Alexa Toolbar is helpful in so many ways.

Not only does it show similar websites with similar rankings, but more importantly it indicates how popular the website you are visiting is. 

It also will tell you the age of the website and how many search queries drive traffic to a particular site.

When you have the Alexa toolbar and visit your site on a daily basis, this traffic activity is sent to the server and counts as increased website traffic.

4. Regular Content: The more regularly you post content on your site, the better the traffic. 

The best way to do this is to post content every three days or so. Make sure it is relevant to your blog and website.

5. Install the Alexa Widget: Sometimes people will visit your site from their phone instead of the computer. Having the Alexa Toolbar will not help in this case.

Having the Alexa widget installed on your website will relay to the Alexa server that you have received more traffic. 
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